Multiple Algorithms

RF-1 comes with a number of unique reverb algorithms including Tremolo, Ensemble and VintageVerb.

Flexible I/O

With support for Audio Unit Extensions, AudioBus, InterApp and USB-Audio RF-1 fits in every setup.

Stereo Processing

From input to ouput, RF-1 applies true stereo processing in every step of the signal chain.


RF-1 supports all the standards you might expect to find in a modern iOS Music Application.


AudioUnit Extension

RF-1 is built as a Audio Unit Extension, use it like a plug-in in your DAW.


Inter-App Audio

With Inter-App Audio you can use RF-1 when recording into other apps such as Garageband.


AudioBus Filter

Use RF-1 as a AudioBus Filter to process audio from virtually any other app.


Ableton Link

Sync RF-1's internal tempo with other Apps and Ableton Live.


Aside from working great with other apps and technologies, RF-1 can handle external audio as well.

USB Audio Interface

Use RF-1 with an external audio interface to process audio while recording or setup RF-1 as a send effect on your mixing desk.

Internal Microphone

Just want to have some fun? Connect RF-1 to the internal Microphone.

Audio Demos

Have a listen to some selected audio demos.
(All demos start off dry then have a series of different effect programs applied)



  • Hall
  • Plate
  • EnsembleVerb
  • TremoloVerb
  • VintageVerb

Space Controls

  • Space: Size (continously variable)
  • Space: Reverb Decay
  • Space: Pre-Delay
  • Space: Diffusion
  • Space: Width
  • Space: Damping

Color Controls

  • Color: Bass
  • Color: Treble
  • Color: Crossover
  • Color: Mod Amount
  • Color: Mod Frequency
  • Color: Mix


  • Standalone (USB-Audio)
  • Standalone (MIC)
  • Audio Unit Extension
  • Audiobus (Filter)
  • Inter-App Audio (Effect)
  • Ableton Link (Tempo)


from the Apple App Store


v1.0 (108) Universal App



Read the RF-1 User Manual