The iOS companion app for your Arturia Brute synthesizer. MIDIBrute enables you to configure all of your Brutes software only features from your iOS device.

About MidiBrute


Currently MIDIBrute supports Arturia's MiniBrute and MicroBrute. We're working on support for MicroBrute SE.


All you need to use MIDIBrute with your iOS device is an Apple Camera Adapter.

Desktop software

Configure everything from MIDI channels over sync sources to sequencer options, right from your iOS device.


MIDIBrute runs on iPhone and iPad. Buy it once, use it on all of your current and future devices.

Midi Clock

MIDIBrute can send a MIDI clock signal to your synthesizer. In case you're unable to sync with something else you can at least configure BPM.

NEWTurn your MiniBrute
into a MiniBrute SE

Convert any vanilla MiniBrute to a MiniBrute SE and vice versa by sending a special sysex command. (We thank Yves Usson for that one).

Frequently Asked Questions

Which synthesizers are currently supported by MIDIBrute?

Currently only MiniBrute and MicroBrute are supported. Do you own a not supported version? Help us to support your version. Contact us!

What hardware do I need to get everything running?

All you need to hook up your brute to your iOS device is a Apple Camera Adapter.

How is MIDIBrute different from Arturias desktop app?

For one, it runs on your iOS device. If you don't like a desktop computer with your music setup, MIDIBrute is for you. Arturias desktop application allows you to update the firmware and to change the sequencers preset. This is currently not supported. Support for changing sequencer presets is planned for the future.

Download MidiBrute

Download MIDIBrute on the AppStore.


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Do you have questions about MIDIBrute or feedback for us? Don't hesitate to get in contact with us!



If you're interested in MIDIBrute you can download our press kit.


MIDIBrute is not associated with Arturia in any way.