Octachron is a Flexible 8 Track Midi Drum Sequencer with Rich Modulation and Sequencing Capabilities. It Works Standalone or as AUv3 AudioUnit in Your Favorite DAW on iPad.
(iOS 11 required, host needs MIDI AudioUnit compatibility like AUM or Cubasis)

About Octachron


  • Standalone or AUv3 AudioUnit
  • 1-32 steps with flexible clock divider and custom time signatures
  • 8 mutable tracks with flexible length
  • Up to 8 chain-able patterns
  • Swing with flexible swing grid
  • Save and restore your presets
  • Parameter lock velocity, trigger probability, ratcheting and CC
  • Various presets for popular drum machines

Parameter Lock

  • With velocity and CC modulation your drums become alive
  • Multiply number of hits per step with ratcheting
  • Trigger probability makes each pattern unique

Track Settings

  • Assign MIDI notes to each track or use mapping presets
  • Individual track length for allow polyrhythms
  • Muting a track help to easily create build-ups in live situations


  • Octachron lets you sequence other standalone apps, AUv3 AudioUnits or external hardware via MIDI
  • Octachron derives its timing from its host application, it's internal clock or via AbletonLink



  • 1-32 steps
  • 8 tracks
  • 8 patterns
  • Pattern chaining
  • Swing
  • Flexible swing grids


  • Song mode
  • Pattern chaining
  • Pattern repeat
  • Copy / paste

Parameter Lock

  • Velocity
  • Ratcheting
  • Trigger probability
  • 8 CCs per Track


  • Individual length
  • Mute


  • Edit midi note per track
  • Edit CC addresses
  • Presets for popular drum machines


  • Standalone
  • Audio Unit v3 Extension
  • Ableton LINK
  • MIDI out

Download Octachron

Download Octachron on the AppStore.


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