Happy Accidents ahead!

Introducing ShockWave a Semi-Modular Synth Module
designed for modular-style sound design and sonic exploration.

Flexbile Synth Voice

Built around Phase Distortion Synthesis with a hint of DX-Style Phase Modulation and it's semi modular architecture featuring 11 modulation sources and more than 40 destinations, ShockWave is a happy accident machine!

Built in Effects

Built-in Delay and Reverb processors are placed conveniently on send busses with all of their controls being available as modulation targets allowing for highly dynamic patches impossible on traditional synthesizers.

Sequencer + Util

A dedicated Control Section features everything one would find in a complete modular system including two analog style sequencers, as well as trigger divider, sample&hold, logic, probability & a pattern generator module.


Because two are always better than one,
ShockWave includes a pair of PD Oscillators as well as a pair of Envelopes and LFOs,
all of which are highly configurable and can be used in a multitude of ways.

Look ma no wires!

In true modular fashion, almost any control within ShockWave can be modulated with up to 11 sources.
Routings are easily created right from the main screen with no need for virtual patchcables, VCAs or other complications.
An X-Ray mode and dedicated Routing Page provide an overview of all active modulations at any given time.

Modular Workflow

Just like a real modular system, ShockWave offers a great degree of freedom when creating sounds with variable trigger sources and a total of 11 control sources being available for modulation troughout the entire synthesizer.

Touch friendly UI

ShockWave delibaretly lacks virtual patch-cables and other complications found in real-world modular systems and instead focuses on prodviding an easy to use but equally powerful user interface designed specifically for use on touch devices.

X-Ray Mode

In order to make it easy to understand what's happening inside the synthesizer at any given time, ShockWave includes a special X-Ray mode that shows a real-time display of all active modulations right at their corresponding UI controls.

4 Dimensions of Expression

Expressive Touch Controls have been used in modular systems for decades and
ShockWave follows the tradition by including an expressive onscreen keyboard as well as support for MPE Hard- & Software Controllers.

Note that due to it's monophonic nature, only single channel mode is supported


Build complex, self driving patches spanning across multiple devices,
plugins or external gear with ShockWave's MIDI Output Module.
Generate Sequences, trigger drums or automate controls via CC messages.


ShockWave supports all the standards you might expect to find in a modern iOS Music Application.


AudioUnit Extension

ShockWave is built as a Audio Unit Extension, use it like a plug-in in your DAW.


Inter-App Audio

With Inter-App Audio you can use ShockWave when recording into other apps such as Garageband.



Use ShockWave with AudioBus to further route or process sounds in other apps.



Of course, ShockWave comes with a solid standalone app as well.


Synth Voice

  • Monophonic / Semi Modular
  • Phase Distortion Synthesis (PD)
  • 2x PD Oscillator
  • 2x ASR Envelope
  • 2x LFO
  • X-Mod (FM, PM, AM, RM)
  • Delay / Reverb
  • Step Sequencer
  • Pattern Generator

Input / Expression

  • Regular Touch Keyboard
  • Expressive Touch Keyboard
  • ROLI Seaboard
  • ROLI Lightpad Block
  • MIDI Keyboard
  • MPE Controllers


  • 140+ Factory Patches
  • All hand crafted and fine tuned
  • iCloud Drive Support
  • Templates & Categories
  • Unlimited User Presets
  • Preset In/Export


  • Standalone
  • Audio Unit v3 Extension
  • Audiobus Instrument
  • Inter-App Audio Instrument
  • Ableton LINK
  • MIDI In/Out


Check out what Jakob Haq from haQ attaQ has to say about ShockWave


from the Apple App Store


v1.0.0 (100) for Apple iPad