Dub Siren | Performance Synth

Dub Siren | Performance Synth

Italizer is designed to create authentic dub and reggae sounds but it goes much further than that...

VA Synth Voice

At it's core, Italizer is comprised of a virtual analog synth voice including one multi wave oscillator, 2 lfos and one env/vca combination.

Built-in Tape Delay

Italizer comes with an authentic tape delay built right in and includes dedicated effect send, time and feedback controls.

X/Y Touch controls

With it's flexible touch controls Italizer is a joy to play and fits great into any live or DJ set.


Italizer supports all the standards you might expect to find in a modern iOS Music Application.


AudioUnit Extension

Italizer is built as a Audio Unit Extension, use it like a plug-in in your DAW (Instrument + Effect)


Inter-App Audio

With Inter-App Audio you can use Italizer when recording into other apps such as Garageband.



Use Italizer with AudioBus to route audio between apps.


Ableton Link

Sync Italizer's internal tempo with other Apps and Ableton Live.



Connect external MIDI devices, map effect parameters, change programs and more.

NEW Tape Echo | Audio Unit Effect

Italizer comes with not only a built-in Tape Echo but a separate Audio Unit Effect as well

Separate AUv3 Effect

Italizer includes a dedicated AUv3 Effect making it possible to use the built-in tape echo with any other audio source.

Tempo Sync

Because Italizer Echo is a AudioUnit it knows the host tempo and is ready to provide bpm synced delays at the touch of a button.

High Quality DSP

High Quality DSP featuring 8x oversampling delivers authentic tape echo vibes.


Synth Voice

  • High Qualit OSC
  • 5 Waveforms
  • 2 LFOs (1x Sine, 1x Square)
  • 2 pole lowpass filter
  • Fixed Envelope/VCA

Tape Delay

  • Authentic Emulation
  • Effect Send Control
  • Delay Time Control
  • Feedback Control
  • Loop mode
  • Capable of self-oscillation
  • 8x Oversampling

X/Y Pad

  • Performance Control
  • Touch to trigger
  • Individual mapping
  • Latch Mode


  • Standalone (USB-Audio)
  • Audio Unit Extension
  • Audiobus 3
  • Inter-App Audio
  • Ableton Link (Tempo)
  • MIDI (Inter-App, USB, Bluetooth)

Audio Demos

Check out this siren heavy demo tune (no external effects used)

Video Demos


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v1.1.0 (119) Universal App