No more cutting tape loops!

Meet RE-1! A full featured, modern tape machine inspired by the most iconic tape echos of the 20th century.
Combining vintage sound and modern features, RE-1 is a true powerhouse capable of everything from classic tape echo and chorus effects over tape flavoured sample playback, recording & looping to tape based master effects.

Tape Deck

At it's core, RE-1 features a virtual tape deck that's not only beatifully animated but highly interactive as well. Tape speed, length, direction and more are visualized in realtime and touching the tape reels even slows down playback just like on real hardware.

Tape Echo & Modulation Effects

With it's 3 individually controllable playback heads and authentic tape simulation, RF-1 excells at creating everything from simple slap back echos to wild multitap delays reminicent of classics such as the Roland Space Echo or Watkins CopiCat.

Tape Recorder, Looper & Sample Player

Utilizing the virtual tape in multiple ways, RE-1 works great when used like a traditional looper. It can load audio samples onto the tape, making it a unique sample and loop player and it's a great a mastering effect as well.


RE-1 supports all the standards you might expect to find in a modern iOS Music Application.


AudioUnit Extension

RE-1 is built as a Audio Unit Extension, use it like a plug-in in your DAW.


Inter-App Audio

With Inter-App Audio you can use RE-1 when recording into other apps such as Garageband.



Use RE-1 with AudioBus to further route or process sounds in other apps.



Of course, RE-1 comes with a solid standalone app as well.

Tape Echo

From simple slapback echos over subtle chorus to wild multitap delays - RE-1 does it all


RE-1 features a solid tape simulation including dedicated controls for wow, flutter, saturation, hiss and color. What's more, 3 individually controllable playback heads allow for a wide range of multitap effects.


With it's interactive virtual tape, RE-1 is a joy to use. Reverse tape direction at any time or mess with the tape reels to create subtle or intense variations.


Mutliple playback heads, delay time combinations and tone shaping options allow for a wide range of classic tape echo effects.


Record onto the Tape Loop, load a Sample or create your own

Tape Looper

Use the virtual tape loop like a traditional looper with time-stretching, tempo- as well as transport sync and a configurable loop length.

Tape Recorder

Record onto the virtual tape loop, with unlimited overdubs and in stereo.

Tape Player

Play loops from the included sampele library, create your own or import files from other apps.

Master Effect

Add some tape flavour to your songs


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v1.0.0 (114) for Apple iPad