Numerical Audio
Musical Instruments and more...


Coming -at some point- a range of DIY Eurorack modules and kits. Check out some of our prototypes below.

  • EuroBrute

    Mini/MicroBrute expander.

  • Darwin

    Evolving Trigger Sequencer.

  • CLKulator

    Clock Source/Divider/Multiplier

  • MIDITrigger

    Trigger to MIDI interface.

  • Panels

    Eurorack Panel designs. Download and DIY.

  • MusicThingModular

    Spring Reverb

  • RYO


  • ALM

    SID Guts

  • Erika Synth

    Poloviks Modulator

  • About us

    We're a small team of engineers, designers and of course synth heads. We like to tinker and make stuff. Our recipe is simple, we make the things we want to use ourselves, do them extra well and make them available to everyone.

    Kai Aras

    DSP dude and EURO guy

    Twitter: @ka010
    Favourite Synth: Korg MS20

    Markus Teufel

    MIDI hacker and pixel pusher

    Twitter: @sigbart
    Favourite Synth:MFB 522